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A mid-sized health care firm, along with PCG co-created a teambuilding initiative that enabled the desired culture change.


A newly hired CEO recognized that his leadership team exhibited communication difficulties while simultaneously grappling with the diversity of new senior leaders, which would inhibit the culture change desired. The communication difficulties and diversity challenges were resulting in poor idea sharing, a lack of participation in decision-making, and a risk-averse mentality. 

Business People Talking


PCG co-created with the client and approach that encompassed:

  • Interviewing key stakeholders (board members, customers, suppliers, and strategic partners) to understand the behaviors of the team members, to gain an understanding of the firm's history and context to assess more broadly the need for change

  • Interviewing each member of the senior team to understand their understanding of the firm's history, context, personal appetite for organizational change, and private agendas that might hinder cohesion and effective performance

  • Assessments that measured each member's motivators, learning style, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence.


Then PCG designed and delivered a virtual and face-to-face teambuilding initiative that helped the group establish their shared values and desired behaviors; identified ways to work through conflict; improved processes for communicating on a diverse team while enabling an inclusive climate; and finally facilitated a circle of trust session that identified the specific positive leadership behaviors each member exhibited that enabled the culture change desired.


As a result of the team building  and culture change efforts, the team:


  1. Worked through their disagreements faster and more effectively

  2. Respected the views of the new members and explored the pros and cons of their ideas before deciding on a direction

  3. Allowed the senior team to start fresh in a way that significantly – and positively – influenced their ability to work together toward the culture change desired and as a result experienced less turnover at all levels of management that enabled a more robust leadership succession pipeline.

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