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Fortune 500 defense contractor and industrial corporation co-created with PCG an innovative approach to problem identification, brainstorming, and execution.


A Fortune 500 defense contractor's engineering and other functional organizations were facing a few challenges: 1. The strong inertia of incrementalism and the status quo 2. A singular approach to problem-solving 3. A lack of innovative ideas.

Team Discussion


PCG co-created with the client an approach that included:

  • An assessment of the creative thinking talents of team leaders and their team members                             Are you a Clarifier? An Ideator? A Developer? An Implementer? Or some combination?

  • Experiential exercises were created for each step of the creative thinking process for the participants to not only test their skills but also build a sense of respect for the diverse strengths that each team member brings to each step of the process.


As a result of experiencing the experiential, innovative session, the team:

  1. Developed a shared language that helped them think through problems creatively

  2. Developed another approach to solving problems that enabled innovative solutions and began to break the barrier of incrementalism and the status quo

  3. Experiential activities helped people discover their “inner innovator” strength and see where they naturally contributed to the innovation process yet also received tips on how to get better

  4. With the awareness of #3 above, people began to contribute more confidently, listen more generously, and leveraged group diversity more effectively as they contributed to the change efforts of the organization.

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